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Hesbjerg revisited

September 2017 VIA ARTIS KONSORT & friends performed a site-responsive concert, titled 'Hesbjerg revisited' at an abandoned castle near Odense, Denmark.
We asked the audience to record their impressions on their cell phones or cameras.
This patchwork video is made entirely from the bits and pieces provided by the audience.

Escarramán documentary

Danish music magazine Custos gives a nice review of the Via Artis opera Escarramán in the June 2016 issue:

… the ten tableaus weave together splendid Spanish baroque arias, rousing popular tunes, recitatives, dance and light-hearted acting whimsies, reminiscent of commedia dell'arte.
… a rare mix of high art, humour and frolic, altogether avoiding dissociating irony ...
… Via Artis Konsort is manifested as a virtuoso baroque ensemble ...

Warming up

Warming up for a recording session in an amazing concert hall that formerly belonged to DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Do YOU know it's Christmas?

This christmas song is not as well known as certain other songs circulating in the media these days, although it's written some 400 years ago, in multicultural México.
We can guarantee, though, that this song is also produced with a non-profit aim - this kind of music normally is :-)
So we will not ask for any type of support, just wish you and yours a peaceful and pleasant christmas month.
¡Paz a los hombres! ¡Ay!

New World Music: Anaustia

Anaustia is a popular tune, probably from around the XVII century, found in the archives of the Bolivian Jesuit Missions. This kind of Spanish, Latinamerican Baroque music, based on a local tune, was quite common in the 16th and 17th centuries. The words of the tune are in a local Indian language, the Chiquitano language. Anaustia Santisimo Sacramento, Praised be to the blessed sacrament. 

In chorus: Todo el mundo en general

‘Todo el mundo en general’ was once a very popular religious song with lyrics by the Andalusian poet Miguel Cid. The popularity it gained in its time was enormous, in fact today we wouldn’t hesitate to classify it as a “hit”.
But like many other popular songs throughout history, 'Todo el mundo' had its palmy days, and then it disappeared into the darkness of oblivion.