- WAR -
In La Somme, France researching for the next Via Artis concert program. In these apparently innocent hills thousands of young men died during The Great War 1914-18.
Let the following four years serve as an incentive for reflection on the real nature of war!

A Medieval ballad

A Danish Medieval ballad from a Danish 15th century codex with the title "Sang til Jomfru Maria". The lyrics are written half in some sort of archaic Danish, half in latin. The video was made during a concert in Spain, autumn 2011.
The ballad is recorded on the album Crosswork.

A Medieval sequence

Via Artis Konsort performing medieval music at the festival "Músicas de la itinerancia" en Santiago de Compostela 2011.
This piece is a composition of two different Nordic medieval sequences "Missus Gabriel" and "Gaude Maria".
Both sequences can be found on the album Crosswork.