The art of touch

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 17:00
Odense, Denmark

'The Art of Touch' - in Spanish El Arte de Tañer - is a fascinating musical journey through musical domains of bygone times, bringing the audience to a pleasant encounter with long-forgotten but beautifully shaped melodies and temperamental rhythms, still capable of touching the listener.El Arte de Tañer, Via Artis concert
The musical aesthetics in Spain were shaped under the influence of both the Christian, the Islamic and the Jewish culture. The melodic content often showed a popular or folk-like character, and composers and musicians frequently used well-known and popular melodies as a basis for new compositions. The early Spanish music also often borrowed the rhythmical fundament from the popular dances of the period.
This fascinating early music is conceived for small keyboard instruments, i.e. small organs or harpsichord, and the concept of dance is at the heart of the musical expression. In this kind of music you’re not met by an insurmountable wall of sound, the rather transparent musical atmosphere is dictated by the melody and the rhythm.