New World Music: Anaustia

Anaustia is a popular tune, probably from around the XVII century, found in the archives of the Bolivian Jesuit Missions. This kind of Spanish, Latinamerican Baroque music, based on a local tune, was quite common in the 16th and 17th centuries. The words of the tune are in a local Indian language, the Chiquitano language. Anaustia Santisimo Sacramento, Praised be to the blessed sacrament. 

The lyrics are:
Anaustia Santísimo Sacramento
naqui ane ycu naltar taito
Virgen Santa Maria.

Niñe monco oxima nanene
qui cheseña onumo oboi
inicusinitaña ninahiti, 
Amen Jesu

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Interpreters: VIA ARTIS konsort
Signe Asmussen, soprano
Anne Marie Høst Mortensen, harp
Mogens Rasmussen, viol
Ernesto Manuitt, cuatro, claves
Poul Udbye Pock-Steen, harpsichord